Our Mission

You could say our “doctrine” is a culmination of several thousand years of God’s instruction. We take the Bible as God’s inspired Word, and treat it with utmost respect and reverence.

Looking at the Bible from beginning to end (Genesis to Revelations), teaches us that God created all things, He created man and woman, they sinned, and the rest of the Bible shows how God worked to redeem us and give us the means to achieve eternal life.

We believe that this reward is given only by God’s grace, and we can’t claim it on our own. Heaven is ours only if we tap into the salvation that God’s son, Jesus, gives to us through his death, burial and resurrection. Christ died for our sin, so that we can be saved through baptism and devoting our lives to God.

We meet on each first day of the week, as the New Testament church met, shown in scripture. We partake of the Lord’s supper, as he commanded his apostles do before his death. We sing, teach and study together, as we have been instructed by Christ’s apostles.

We try to abstain from sin, encourage one another to love and good works, and work to learn all we can about what God requires of us. One of the most important requirements, is to teach and save the lost.

Look around, see how wicked the world has become, and note that the absence of religion and faith is no coincidence. Our objective is to let the world know that there is a God, he is alive, and he has demands that must be met. To miss out on God’s demands gives us an miserable eternal punishment.