Our Congregation

The church at Waynesville is comprised of honest, dedicated and faithful followers of Christ and his commands. Our congregation ranges in age from pre-schoolers to those who have made their livings and have since retired.

We come from many backgrounds, but have a common thread, that is the cord of Christianity. Each of us work in some way or another to maintain and try to spread the words of the Bible’s New Testament. We do not try to re-interpret the scriptures, nor do we seek the doctrines of men.


Our congregation has a number of men who take part in preparing lessons for members and visitors on a regular basis. Aside from the men at Waynesville below, we also have guest speakers from around the area to visit with us and share lessons.

  • Cody Cain
  • Kyle Jones
  • Roger Starnes

Our Members

Many of our members have lived and been raised here in the Waynesville, Ohio area. Others moved to the area and began attending after leaving other area congregations. We are from as far east as Wilmington, to Morrow southward, north to Riverside, to all around Waynesville. All are active in the Waynesville community and do a good bit of their work to help support the village.

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