Finding Value in Failure

Ecclesiastes 4:10 ESV – “For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!”

Today is the day know the world over as “Superbowl Sunday”. So in keeping up with the theme of the day, Jason’s PowerPoint presentation today featured an NFL team as a background image. But if you want to know the reason why he used this team, and this person, you have to listen to the lessons below! Okay, I guess you could skim through the slides too, but isn’t that cheating?

Both lessons were very well put together, and really gave us who were in attendance something to think about. Recordings and slides for both lessons are below. If you have questions or comments, please be our friend and share them with us privately or by commenting here or on Facebook. Thanks!

Finding Value in Failure, Part 1

Finding Value in Failure – Jason Davis, part 1

Value-in-Failure-1-Davis-01 Value-in-Failure-1-Davis-02 Value-in-Failure-1-Davis-03 Value-in-Failure-1-Davis-04 Value-in-Failure-1-Davis-05 Value-in-Failure-1-Davis-06 Value-in-Failure-1-Davis-07 Value-in-Failure-1-Davis-08 Value-in-Failure-1-Davis-09 Value-in-Failure-1-Davis-10 Value-in-Failure-1-Davis-11 Value-in-Failure-1-Davis-12 Value-in-Failure-1-Davis-13 Value-in-Failure-1-Davis-14

Finding Value in Failure, Part 2

Finding Value in Failure – Jason Davis, part 2

Value-in-Failure-2-Davis-01 Value-in-Failure-2-Davis-02 Value-in-Failure-2-Davis-03 Value-in-Failure-2-Davis-04 Value-in-Failure-2-Davis-05 Value-in-Failure-2-Davis-06 Value-in-Failure-2-Davis-07 Value-in-Failure-2-Davis-08 Value-in-Failure-2-Davis-09 Value-in-Failure-2-Davis-10 Value-in-Failure-2-Davis-11 Value-in-Failure-2-Davis-12 Value-in-Failure-2-Davis-13 Value-in-Failure-2-Davis-14 Value-in-Failure-2-Davis-15