New Building Progress – 11/27/15

Some updated photos on the new building as of November 27th, 2015 – photos courtesy of Cody Cain below (thanks!). Slightly larger images can be viewed if you click on each image, just be sure to press your back button to return.


Entry Drive-Through


Worship Area


Baptistery Wall


Outside Sidewalk


Entry Inside


Classroom Window Southwest

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Unbroken and Reinforcing

Abe had planned to be out of town this past weekend to take care of some things on his to-do list, and I was to fill-in for him. While his plans didn’t quite work out as hoped, I was able to put together and present 2 lessons I felt were very good subjects for Christians and non-Christians alike to think about. Not sure I delivered the lessons I had hoped to give, but the context of both lessons was certainly a good study.

Lesson 1 was titled “Unbroken” and the lesson focused on the importance of things not being broken, and how the men and women recorded for us in the text of the bible are those who were able to remain unbroken in a broken world. How? They followed God more closely than most others (then and now), and even when difficult, they stayed the course for God! These are the examples of faith we can recall when we struggle.

Lesson 2 was titled “Reinforcing” and this lesson was more for those who are not Christians, and feel they can’t be ‘good enough’ to be a Christian, or are Christians and feel they never seem to have the consistency they wish they had in avoiding sin in their lives, or simply fail to meet God’s expectations over and over again.

The take-away for both lessons is this:

  1. If you stay close to God, follow all His instructions, you can overcome ANYTHING just like those in the Bible! You too can be unbroken!
  2. If you keep trying to follow God, He will help you with your shortcomings even if they never go away. It is the heart that God sees, and if you are honest in trying to follow Him, you WILL find Him and He will reinforce you – forever!

Recordings of both lessons are below. Please, use our comments box below to give me some feedback on the lessons! No lesson on our website is meant for enjoyment, it is meant to encourage, exhort, and strengthen! – Roger

Unbroken – Starnes

Reinforcing – Starnes

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