A Father’s Blessing

fathers-blessingWhat is a “blessing” to you? Is it something you get, is it what you say when  you are about to have a meal? Is a “blessing” both?

Abe’s lessons from today take us back to the Old Testament as the focus for our subject and the discussion. What exactly did a “blessing” entail in the many scriptures we can read about, like those where a father gave his blessing to a son, or both sons as in the case of Esau and Jacob (Genesis 25)?

Answers and discussions to these questions can be heard in the links below. Just click on the buttons to listen to either lesson, or download the MP3 file to your computer or mobile device to listen to later.

A Father’s Blessing – Martin, part 1

A Father’s Blessing – Martin, part 2

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Little Foxes

little-foxesCody and Abe shared the lessons this past Sunday in order, talking about Foxes. Regardless of their size, the fox can be interesting, humorous, intriguing, sneaky, a thief, and a predator. Both lessons talk about the attributes of these animals, and both focus our attention on how these cat-like creatures can be a metaphor of so much to do with things we face as Christians.

Recordings of both lessons are below. Please listen or download as you have opportunity. If you have questions or comments, our Contact page goes to myself and brother Martin. One of us will answer you directly. Thanks for visiting!

Little Foxes, Cain, part 1

Little Foxes, Martin, part 2

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mothersAbe’s next installment in his “Conduct in the House of God” series, today is on MOTHERS.

What does it take to be a “good” mother? What does the Word of God tell us about motherhood? Are there things that make one mother better in God’s eyes than another? Who will have more success with their children? Who’s children will be there for their mothers? What role have mothers achieved over time? How many mothers can you recall reading about from the Bible in both old and new testaments?

The two lessons below will address these and many other points. Just click on a lesson below and listen, review, or download.

Mothers – Martin, part 1

Mothers – Martin, part 2

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