Sin In The Camp

Have you ever felt like when things are really going your way, and nothing can stop you, something usually does? For men and women in scripture, this is usually due to individuals doing, or being unaware of, things that God is has said NO to. This was the situation that Joshua found himself in while going against the enemy when one of the children of Israel took something that God said not to take. As a result, the people suffered. All the people.

If we allow ourselves or others to suggest that God will tolerate our misdeeds, lessons like these remind us that is not the case with God.

To listen to or download either lesson below, click on the buttons. To follow the lesson with images from the PowerPoint slides, just use the slider below.

Sin In The Camp – Martin, part 1

Sin In The Camp – Martin, part 2

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Time Lessons

Lessons on TimeI can tell you, that when you do a lesson on time,  getting folks to pay attention to that term sort of takes on a life of its own! Since working on, and presenting the lesson I did last Sunday, I have stopped myself many times when I said or thought about time! Once you start thinking about time, you realize how often we talk about it! Day, hour, minute, meeting, lunch, breakfast, dinner, bath, sleep, break – time, time, time, TIME!

There was a reason that I suggested this subject for Abe and I to do our lessons on. The time we live in today is really getting bad FAST! Folks want to embrace more and more wicked practices, and have even been forcefully pushing lifestyles as “good“! We can be certain and clear that scripture is not supportive of what society says is “right” today. God is all about love, as is Christ, but they also have a list of things that we are not to do, or we’ll be judged unworthy to see heaven, and will be certain to see hell.

The first lesson was mine, and I talked about a question many of us have asked, “What Time Do You Have?”. Abe took the second and follow-up lesson on “The Time is Now!”. Indeed, if we look around, how much TIME do we have? What are we doing with our TIME? What are people in the world doing in the TIME we live in? What does God and Christ expect from us? TIME for Them! We must put all things in God’s care, but we also have a role to play in spreading the gospel to the world, and it is only getting more needy!

Recordings of both lessons are below – lesson one was muted until 4:48 into the recording, so fast-foward. Further down under the play/download buttons, are slides of both lessons in order. There are 22 slides in the first lesson, and 17 slides in the second lesson.

What Time Do You Have? – Starnes

The Time is Now! – Martin

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Proper Preparation

What does it take to do a job, especially an important job, or a BIG job? Preparation is the answer. The bigger the job, the bigger the need for preparation is.

We prepare for work or going out by choosing clothes, checking our hair and face, to be sure that we are in order when we leave. For projects around the home, we often set money aside or take out loans, get plans, set schedules, all to be prepared for doing work!

When it comes to spiritual things, how much planning do we have and for what? Are we really planning for eternity, or just for Sunday class? Are we making preparation in our study and life to help teach others? Are we raising our kids to know God and hopefully ensure they have a home in heaven one day?

It all takes preparation. Abe makes some fun and serious points in the two lessons below, about preparation and what we do, or NEED to do for better planning.

Click the buttons below to listen to both lessons, or click the download button to save them to your device!

Proper Preparation – Martin, part 1

Proper Preparation – Martin, part 2

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