Gary Mobley – Viewing and Funeral

Gary Mobley

Gary Mobley

Our brother and member of the Waynesville congregation Gary Mobley passed away on Monday, October 13th. He had been dealing with a myriad of health issues the past few years and his body finally could take no more.


Interment Information

  • Lebanon Cemetery
  • Hunter Street, Lebanon, OH

In the coming weeks, I hope to have a short biography of Gary’s life and his work in the church. For now, here is a link to some posts Gary wrote for the church site last year in the “Thoughts to Ponder” category of posts.

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New Creation

This past Sunday the lessons Abe delivered were entitled, “New Creation”. So what were the lessons about? Listen to the audio below and you will know! I will give you a few hints, babies are new creations, water is involved in this “new” creation, as are souls and Christians…

To listen to the lessons below, simply click on the audio buttons. Once the button is pressed you can adjust the volume, or download the lesson by pressing the download button on the right. Once downloaded, you can play on your own device at will!

New Creation – Martin, part 1

New Creation – Martin, part 2

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Closing the Barn Door

“Close the barn door!” Ever heard that expression? I’m sure most of us who have been around a farm, or are of a certain age have heard this phrase a time or two. So why would this phrase be so popular and long-lasting?

It just makes sense. If you have farm animals and your barn is where they are kept, if the door is opened (or can be opened by smart animals) it is very likely that the animals will get out. Once they are out, it is very difficult to put them back! Worse, while you are chasing down some of the escapees, others are likely taking advantage of the situation and breaking out too!

So how does this work into a couple Bible lessons? We live in a culture where keeping things locked down based on Bible authority is constantly being challenged. The boundaries of what is allowed and what is not allowed are being pulled on from every direction, sometimes even pushed from behind (in the church).

On a recent visit out of town, Abe found many practices in some churches that they visited were being done in ways that good tradition (those given by the writers of the New Testament) were being replaced by traditions that were not authorized by God. As Abe points out in these lessons, the idea of letting the barn door open, or not keeping it closed, can certainly happen in the church.

To listen to the lessons, click the buttons below and then adjust the volume, or press the download button to save the lessons to your computer. Have a question or catch an error in the readings? Let us know. Comment below or use our Contact button.

Closing the Barn Door – Martin, part 1

Closing the Barn Door – Martin, part 2

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