The lessons that Cody and Abe split last week were very popular, and brought up a lot of questions on the subject of Premillennialism. So Abe dug in, rolled-up his sleeves, and pulled more information out on this subject. Why? Many in the world today are VERY confused by the belief in “premillennialism” based on how their religion views and the prophecies of John in the book of Revelation mesh.

Listen to the two lessons below to hear a bit more on this subject, and you should have a better grasp on what the world view is on the subject, and what the Bible view is in scripture.

Click on the buttons below to hear either lesson. Once the buttons are pressed, you can adjust the volume or download the MP3 file to your computer to local playback, sharing, or study. As always, post your questions or comments below. Our goal is to ensure scriptural accuracy and ensure our path to heaven is not one with stumbling.

Premillennialism, part 2 – Martin

Premillennialism, part 3 – Martin

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The Kingdom of Christ and Premillennialism

Many people today struggle to understand what the “Kingdom of Christ” actually is. Jesus own disciples and apostles struggled with what the kingdom would be. Was this kingdom to be a physical kingdom like that of David many years prior? Would this Jesus who could heal the sick, raise the dead, and make disease and impairment be gone now to be a great ruler of Israel? Christ told his followers what his kingdom would be, and after Christ ascended to heaven, the writers of the New Testament tell use exactly what the kingdom was – and is. Listen to Cody’s lesson to learn more below.

Abe’s lesson followed Cody’s and deals with premillennialism. says premillennialism is “the doctrine or belief that the second coming of Christ will precede the millennium”. So what can we learn about this belief from the Bible or the ‘world view’? Listen to Abe’s lesson below to see what folks think, and see how many of the views in the world match scripture.

To hear the lessons, just click on the buttons below. Once the player expands, you can adjust the volume. If you wish to download and save the lesson to your computer, just click the download button, then you can listen to it on your own time or share it. As always, post a comment or question if you hear something you are not sure about or even disagree with. Thanks!

The Kingdom of Christ – Cain

Premillennialism – Martin

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Bible Basics

The more complicated our world seems to get, the more we forget the basics. Sure we can do some amazing things today in our personal, professional, and religious lives with technology and with all the information at hand, but pushing the limits of new accomplishments may mean little if we forget the basics.

As parents, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, and leaders, we need to make sure the principles we instill in the young are not marred by twisted views of what ‘religion’ is or who God is. We need to make sure we impart the true word, the true gospel, and remember that we start off with the basics. But we also need to not water down the basics to the point that they have no ‘nutritional’ value.

So for today, both lessons were on the subject of ‘Bible Basics’.

Roger started off with lesson one focusing on our dress, sex, sin, and baptism (yeah the tough ones!). Abe followed up with several other areas of life that we deal with as young people, even into our upper ages. These two lessons combined should provide some really good reminders of what we are who we are, and why it is SO important to help our young people be ready for what life has to throw at them.

Slideshows and recordings can be listened to below. Just click play on the audio player, adjust your volume, then start the slideshows above the audio to watch the slides in synch with the audio. As always, if you have questions or feedback, just post it below. If you want to ask us something privately, just click on our Contact page! Thanks for visiting!


Bible Basics – Starnes, part 1

Bible Basics – Martin, part 2

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