Worrying and Overcoming Worry

It was nice to have Abe and Linda back with us yesterday as they’d been traveling (whirlwind multi-state trip). His home-coming lessons were 2 of his best to date, both on the subject of worry and how we Christians are to avoid it (and why). Ever worry? I have!

Recordings of both lessons are below. Just press play to listen and adjust volume as needed once play begins. Or you can download the lessons in MP3 format anytime for FREE! Listen again, study, or share but do take advantage of this free service we provide our visitors and members alike.

Worry – Martin, part 1

Overcoming Worry – Martin, part 2

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Finding Weakness + Finding Strength in the Bible

Kyle and Roger split the lessons this past Sunday while Abe was traveling. Kyle planned to talk about a history of finding strength in the Bible. When he asked how I’d like to work my lessons in, I thought that doing and ‘opposite’ lesson seemed good. He agreed and so we began our study.

The more I worked on the lesson the more I liked our subjects. As is my tendency to rely on my craft (design/art) I decided to use a car restoration to highlight my points of weakness and what is involved in getting to where Kyle’s lesson was – about strength. The two lessons seemed to compliment one another exceptionally well, and I have to say Kyle’s lesson was one of his best.

Now it’s your turn to decide what you think of both lessons. Just press the buttons below to listen to each recording. Once pressed, you can change the volume, download the MP3 of each lesson, or listen at home, work, or school as you get time. sharing is always appreciated!

  • For Roger’s lesson on “Finding Weakness” you can follow along with the recording by using the slideshow.

Finding Weakness – Starnes

Finding Strength in the Bible – Jones


Images from Roger’s lesson were taken from a very well-documented 1969 Chevelle restoration here: http://www.thwl.com/chevelle.html (kudos to the guy who did the work and took the photos of each stage! Great job! Aside from the car images, I know nothing about this site, so use caution.)

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What did you go out to see?

I’m not going to say much about these two lessons, and leave the mystery of the title to those of you who like to listen to these recordings, or want to know more about God’s Word from a very good teacher…

What Did You Go Out to See? – Martin, part 1

What Did You Go Out to See? – Martin, part 2

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