Our 5th Sunday lessons in March were on JOY! How much joy to you have?

Our first session included songs, passages, and prayers with JOY in focus. Why we need JOY, what JOY should be for each of us, why we show JOY. As always, Abe did a great job pulling together the theme, and the fellows who read passages and led songs did a good job too.

For the second lesson, he gave us lots of reasons why a Christian of all people most need to show joy in their lives!

Play the lesson below, and use the slideshow further down to follow the lesson slide by slide.

Joy!, Martin

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Local Gospel Meetings

A few congregations have just finished up their meetings (just missed Covington’s), but there are a few still coming up soon! Hope you can catch one, or invite a friend or family member to attend. Click the images below to see more…


West Mason – 03/30/14


Haynes Street – 04/16/14


Knollwood – 04/13/14


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