Answering Wisely

We all face challenges at work, at home, and with family where we are faced with conversations or situations that we feel are not giving God credit for something, or are morally sound. We see this more and more in life. The more sinful people are, the more they promote the very thing they do or expect. So we need to know how far to bend when we try to stay out of things, and when to stand up and make known your stance on what is “right” and what is “wrong”.

Roger had asked Abe about this subject while at lunch recently. Abe was kind enough to do 2 lessons on it, but on a day that Roger was sick and did not make it to hear the lessons.

We all face challenges in our Christian lives. Are you ready to give a defense for our trust in Christ? Or are you just ready to run away? When is a good time to have a conversation on spiritual things, or are there times when we need to lead off to a time when we can talk?

Roger feels the weight of this topic, and I am sure others do too.

To listen to the lessons, click the buttons below, or press the download link to save the lessons to your computer/device.

Answering Wisely – Martin, part 1

Answering Wisely – Martin, part 2

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Spiritual Goals

Cody had both lessons for this past Sunday, and reminded us of the importance of Spiritual Goals in our lives as Christians. This is an important subject as many of us work hard to plan for the weekend, for vacation, for a new car or new house, but often fail in addressing our plans as the followers of Christ. How can we read the Bible more? How can we teach more of those around us? How can we be leaders in the church, teachers, elders, ministers? How can we just be stronger people or have more faith? Without planning it is not possible. What about the church? Without plans the church that is made up of members and congregations will shrink making less and less of an impact.

So what do we do? Cody focuses on a number of passages that remind us how to plan for our soul’s well-being and for that of those around us.

You can listen to the lessons below by clicking on the lesson, and adjusting the volume. Or download the lesson to listen to on your device at will. Please review, study, plan, and share. Questions or comments? Share below or on our comment page or on our Facebook page. Not wanting your name used? We’ll address the subject not the person.

Spiritual Goals – Cain, part 1

Spiritual Goals – Cain, part 2

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Lemon Muffins and Butter

Sounds yummy, huh!? I know I would have liked to have the two of these together, but Abe tells a story about a friend that may just leave you thinking. I know it did me. How many times do people in our lives do great things for us, and we find something that was not done, and we don’t recognize what was done?

For me this happens when the kids mow the yard. They do a great job on a yard that takes us about 3 hours to mow, and I grumble because there are grass clippings on the driveway, or the trees aren’t trimmed well. Hello?! Maybe it is time I see the good and not the left-overs!? Anyhow, this lesson was very well timed for me, I suspect it will be a good one for you to hear as well.

I do have to note that if I had someone make me lemon muffins, I’d ask for butter too! :^)

This lesson is mostly about how we see things around us, and what we SHOULD be thankful for. But I also see a lesson in wanting more than what we need to satisfy our desires, not taking the ‘food’ of God as He has provided it to us. Lots of ways to make this lesson applicable to each of us. Regardless, you’ll likely be hungry when it is over!

Recordings of both lessons are below. Just click the play button to listen, adjust the volume once the audio loads, or just click the download button and save the lessons to your device as MP3 files. Comment or ask questions below, on our site, or on our Facebook page. Otherwise we always appreciate you sharing links to our lessons. Thanks!

Lemon Muffins and Butter – Martin, part 1

Lemon Muffins and Butter – Martin, part 2

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