Building in Christ

buildingAll around us, we see construction: new homes, new businesses, new stores, new cars. But when it comes to the spiritual, how much “building” do we see? There are a lot of new “mega churches” popping-up these days, but are they building on according to God’s plans? How about us both individually and as a church, are we building so that we are ever-growing? Or have we left the “building” to refer to the structure of our congregation’s building?

Roger looks at two aspects of the life of a Christian and how “building” is an active, and on-going exercise in our lives.

The first lesson looks at life and development of a child, a young person, even a young (older) Christian, on how to develop into a God-fearing, God-serving, and trusting human being. Are we parents raising our kids up to know God, to see God in our lives, or to fear and follow His commands? We should be. What about us? Are we following the plans in the New Testament for what a child of God should be?

The second lesson starts at that person who is now part of the church (baptized, faithful believer who has joined a congregation as a fellow worker), and asks the question, are we following the New Testament’s instructions on how the church is to be run? Is Christ our foundation? Do we follow the next layer of the Lord’s house in the Apostle’s doctrine? Then how are we building on that foundation? Each layer of construction is a result of the effort, accuracy, and care that each member lends to building the ‘house of God’ in our congregations.

To listen to, or download either lesson, please click on the links below. You can adjust the volume after pressing the buttons, or download and safe on your device to listen to the MP3 later. Have questions? Disagree? Need prayers or encouragement? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Building in Christ should be part of our lives while we live, and with success and God in our lives, we will continue the work begun long ago.

Building in Christ, Becoming Well-Built, Godly People – Starnes, part 1

Building in Christ, Making a Strong church – Starnes, part 2

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Gradual Decline

Abe’s lessons below take us back to the prophets looking at a man who tried to bend the worship of God to better suit his needs, and he did. It was convenient, less of a problem in getting to the appointed worship location, and it seemed to make sense to the man and those around him.

So what was the problem? His plan was not God’s plan. This is the very same thing we see around us today. Religions the world over turning towards things that seem like spiritual worship of God, but they are not what we read about in the teachings of Christ or as delivered by Christ’s apostles. How can you know? Read.

Recordings of Abe’s lessons are below. Just hit play to listen to either one or download both for using on your local drive. Hope you enjoy!

Gradual Decline – Martin, part 1

Gradual Decline – Martin, part 2

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New Creation

This past Sunday the lessons Abe delivered were entitled, “New Creation”. So what were the lessons about? Listen to the audio below and you will know! I will give you a few hints, babies are new creations, water is involved in this “new” creation, as are souls and Christians…

To listen to the lessons below, simply click on the audio buttons. Once the button is pressed you can adjust the volume, or download the lesson by pressing the download button on the right. Once downloaded, you can play on your own device at will!

New Creation – Martin, part 1

New Creation – Martin, part 2

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